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Are You Cursed With a Big Brain?



Look at my online businesses – I’ve done complex – now I am going to try simple.

I’m definitely cursed… back to big brains shortly.

First I need to walk through a little maths. Don’t panic I’ll do the heavy lifting.


// — Start of Maths Section

Take the number of steps it takes for you to get a sale. Or an optin for that matter. Say it is 3 steps.

At each step people drop out. Lets keep it simple. Say 10% complete each step.

So three steps is 10% x 10% x 10% = 0.1% So you need 1000 people to start the process to get one out the end.

If you have four steps it becomes 10000.

Fancy a sale a day then you need that number of visitors a day.

Instead do one step its only 10 visitors.

// — End of Maths section


I am sure you get the point. If you can remove a step you increase your chances of success.

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Having Brain Power is brilliant but it can be a handicap. Maybe you relate to some of these statements.

  • You have a bright idea. In fact you get several bright ideas at the same time. Probably none of them get done.
  • For any idea you like to think it through. Check out the outcomes will it work. How could it be made better? What are the numbers? Maybe it looks good but it still doesn’t get done.
  • You don’t just have bright ideas. They are real bright. Shall we say complex?

Then you look at some of the people who have made it. There seem to be a good number who haven’t had a great education. Maybe they are street smart rather than college smart.


I am convinced one issue is that Big Brains don’t believe in simple.


Back to Business

I have done so many courses to create six figure incomes overnight but until now they are either

  • taught lots of tactics and no real business creation
  • are so complex that you need mass traffic to get them to work
  • have a limited time to work before the loop hole is closed

Back to the results from the Maths… We need to keep it simple.

The simple version of a business is

  1. Have something to sell
  2. Find where people hang out that would be interested.
  3. Find the right way to make an offer to this group
  4. Make the offer
  5. Find a way to followup with those who don’t buy
  6. Find a way to sell more to those that buy



You need something to sell – either yours or someone else’s.

Hidden in this is a big key list building and some automation.


I’ve used my Big Brain to create big plans for my business before.

I’ve mapped them out. I enjoyed mapping them and dreaming.

Then done nothing.

So this time. I am working with …

[ez_box title=”LEGO BLOCKS” color=”orange”]

It is all building blocks that clip together.

The blocks

  1. Something to sell.
  2. Something to build an email database
  3. Automated followup
  4. Ways to promote and show off both the product and lead generation.

I’m keeping each step simple.


Next Time

We’ll start taking apart some of the Guru’s businesses to see how simple they make them…

*If you suffer from a Big Brain I’d love to hear your stories and how you have overcome it *

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